How to make dating feel like an act of self-care

Dating can feel like a soul-suck (and let's be honest, you deserve better).

This free, 3 step guide will give you the tools to make dating feel like an act of self-care so you can claim a clear path forward to what you desire.

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    Lily Womble

    Dating Coach and CEO of Date Brazen

    Who am I?

    I was a top matchmaker at the largest firm in the U.S. After matching hundreds, I realized that with coaching, women could become their OWN expert matchmaker to find better dates for themselves than anyone else ever could. Now as the founder of Date Brazen, I help women transform their dating lives from a soul-suck, to an act of self-care. Attracting extraordinary relationships along the way.

    What will you learn?

    • How to brag to feel and find extraordinary.
    • How to ditch your dating anxiety with self-compassion.
    • How to shift your mindset to be in abundance in your love life.